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You are the features and bugs you surround yourself with

31 January, 2017

Recently I came across a Joe Rogan episode with Aubrey Marcus (#878 []) which had a wonderful metaphor buried around 2/3rds of the way through. Kind of a nerdy take o...

We showed up at the airport with no plans

25 January, 2017

I'm doing something new this year. It's pretty terrifying. I've decided to start experimenting with video based content, and in general for 2017 I'm vowing to make many more things. I'm still battling the fe...

On Moving to Singapore

08 March, 2016

I had such a great time last week talking to Chris and Stephen on the Winning Slowly [] podcast about Ghost's recent move to Singapore [http://]. [http://www.winningslowl...


12 February, 2016

Recently I've noticed people around me using Snapchat - now - much like they used Twitter in circa 2010. Which has been a really interesting trend to observe. It seems as though there's just far less fear of ...

The State of Casual Blogging

25 January, 2016

Last week Dave Winer wrote a post [] lamenting the dangers of posting your content to somewhere like Medium, and how we should make an effort...

Thoughts on Calypso, WordPress and JavaScript

01 December, 2015

Three years ago we sat down and tried to imagine what WordPress might look like if it was rebuilt from the ground up using modern technology - purely focused on publishing. It was an amazing problem to mull o...