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Retrieving my Mavic from the bottom of the ocean in The Philippines

21 March, 2017

I've been tweeting about this one coming. It's the one where my practically-new Mavic drone meets an untimely demise in rather spectacular fashion - and then I find it at the bottom of the ocean. Ugh. Right ...

What's coming next at Ghost

14 March, 2017

This week I'm moving on from Thailand and talking about what we've been working on at Ghost for the last few months that I'm really excited about! I've just arrived in Cape Town, South Africa (say hi if you'...

One night in Chiang Mai with Pieter Levels

06 March, 2017

The journey back to Chiang Mai was long, but hanging out with Pieter is always fun! This week's video involves scenes of a sensual nature. Right now I'm in The Philippines, it's 😱 beautiful. Next video is a...

Mauritius: One of the most beautiful places in the world

27 February, 2017

My recap of a stunning 10 days on the stunning island of Mauritius. Complete with Class-2 tropical cyclone. This was really one of the best trips I think I've ever done. I can't wait to go back! A bit late p...

En route to Mauritius

13 February, 2017

In this week's video, I go to extraordinary lengths to acquire a DJI flying camera device via the medium of international air travel. Also, I'm on the way to Mauritius! It's a few days later now and I can saf...

The 2-wheeled Chiang Rai expedition

06 February, 2017

I'm back with episode two of my grand 2017 experiment with video. Catch episode 1 here [], in case you missed it! This time, we head through the mountains of Thailand to Chian...